When and where?

We usually meet up from 1:00pm to 3:00pm on a Saturday afternoon at Rose Hill Community Centre.


Please also let me know your availability for future sessions.  Due to costs involved, we like as many people as possible to come if we book a room at the community centre, so its good to know if you can make a certain dates.   If lots of people would like to come, we are happy to book a room for the club – please use the meet up facility to discuss dates amongst yourselves for potential diary dates.

Ideally we need at least 8 people to commit to a date for us to book a room, so that we can have two full games going.  We would like to have at least 4 meet ups in booked rooms per year.  We can of course try to arrange more if the group becomes popular and there is a demand.

Member Fees

We try to keep costs down for our members, session fees are £3 pounds per person for two hours in the cafe.  If we book a room then the costs are higher and the fees are £5 per person for the two hour session.